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We at Artistic Operations hold our flag of achievement up high having worked to build our brand for nearly 2 decades. We provide some of the world's leading businesses and organizations the best frontline advertisement tools.

Our brand stands for pure quality dedication, performance, speed and dependability. Our production commands respect. Our professional stance is recognized by trend setters in multiple industries as a platinum bar of excellence. Our diamond-sharp approach towards the future of trends lands us securely as the premier innovators and our clients benefit from this outstanding advantage.

If you are an individual or company you have come to the right place to find professional graphics, and printing services which you can rely on. We also provide with speed, accuracy, efficient pro audio production, film production and website development. We will help you from your idea, through testing and the anticipated launch of your campaign.

Advertising and Marketing by Artistic Operations will raise your ROI from where it is today, to where you are most comfortable. We have very happy return clients. Companies such as the landmark car dealership of New York City, Manhattan Auto Group, as well as non-for profit organizations such as the PeaceKeepers, and the New Future Foundation have all gained huge success and we are proud to say we were there with them in their humble beginnings to help catapult, and maintain the presence of their objectives and of their brands.

Our fully experienced and we equippted personnel await your call and are available to assist your needs today! Please contact a Artistic Operations representative by calling (TOLL FREE) 866-986-9333.

We are eager to serve you. Call today to schedule your rise to success.




"Capturing the essence of what the eye sees is an attribute provided for in the lighting, position, and love of the work of photography. There is a love of life that is displayed in his works."

Irving Shannon, Underwriting Executive for Equal Dollars Community Currency

"Fard of Artistic Operations, Inc. is highly skilled in event planning and video production. More importantly, he is a visionary who uses his skills to uplift our communities, people and planet. I wholeheartedly support his good works, and you should too."

R Lee Gordon, The Better Detroit Youth Movement, UniTee Design, Inc., The National Black TEEN Empowerment Expo

"Fard Muhammad's (of Artistic Operation, Inc) work is beyond impressive. I have had the honor of working with him for years. "

Bruce George, Shhh Inc.

"Fard of Artistic Operations, Inc is the greatest printer of all time. He's too unique, too creative, too colorful, too imaginative, and too artistic, he shook up the world, he's a bad man, Justice or Else"

Saladin Farrakhan Muhammad

"We thank God for your service to our family"

Toy Muhammad

"Artistic Operations as whole is quite competent in all the advertised services they provide. Particularly in the areas of photography, computer graphics and audio visual presentation."

Alfred- Eatman, Adjunct Professor at Spitzer School of Architecture CCNY

Artistic Operations (Artistic Ops), has been our go to designer since early 2005. Their work speaks for itself and they offer superior service. Artistic Ops has always been there for us regardless to the hour or day; They place their clients first. Even with such a hefty work load, Artistic Operations always makes us feel as if we are their only clients. He has produced both national and local campaigns for our company for pennies on the dollar. Over the years his pricing has allowed us to earn a great ROI and his designs and branding strategies have helped us to get noticed. We are so thankful and honored to have had the privilege of having Artistic Ops to produce on many, 20x10 attention grabbing trade show booth displays, national and local magazine ads as well as logo modifications. We at Occupancy Heroes Incorporated LOVE working with Artistic Operations and look forward to many more designs to come!"

Chiccorra Connor
Occupancy Heroes Incorporated
Charlotte, North Carolina, USA

"Our experience with Artistic Operations was great. The Web designer was professional, creative, and the cost was more than reasonable. I would certainly go back to this company. I highly recommend this company."

Varonica Cooper
Varonica Cooper Esq. &
Cuah's Hot Dog-o & Taco
Arizona, USA

"Great place to do business! Very professional with high quality!."

Patreinnah Acosta-Pelle
Business Development Advisor/Consultant
Bradhurst Merchant Association
New York, USA

"Capturing the essence of what the eye sees in an attribute provided for in the lighting, position, and love of the work of photography. There is a love of life that is displayed in his works."

Erving Shannon
Executive Director